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About the team

About the team

Born to make it simple!

Made Simple is an innovative company that develops and produces high technological software solutions, which have the aim of simplifying the work of people to make it more efficient, productive and save time.

The team is composed of passionate engineers who have been working in the building sectors for over 15 years, hence with strong knowledge of the construction world.

Made Simple S.r.l.

Simplifying your World


Simplifying your World

Our mission is to create software solutions that simplify the work of people to make it more efficient, productive and save time.


Engineering made simple

Contributing to drive innovation, by offering digital solutions that make work easier, more productive, and enjoyable for people.


Our key to success is to keep it SIMPLE

This is what we believe in: Simplicity, Innovation, Motivation, Promise to customer, Learning, Excellence.

Our Board Members
The Founders
Gregorio Russo, CEO
Giuseppe Monforte, COO
Armando Marra, CTO
Save precious time

Together to digitize construction and facility management

Since 2016, when it all started, we have strongly believed that digitalization was the key successful factor to simplify the world of construction and facility and thus to make it more profitable.

Thanks to Site Assistant we put our mission into practice.

Work with us

If you are passionate about the world of construction and facility management and want to grow your career, send us your CV with a motivation letter.We are looking forward to welcoming new motivated people in our dream team!

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