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What does a construction manager do: roles, responsibilities and tools to simplify their work

A construction manager is the team leader of a construction project, he is responsible for the overall outcome, therefore he needs to monitor every step of it, from the planning phase to the closeout.

A construction manager is the team leader of a construction project. He is responsible for the overall outcome of the project; indeed, he needs to monitor every step of it, from the planning phase, throughout all the construction process until the delivery.

In this article you will find what his role is, what tasks he accomplishes every day and what digital assets he should use to simplify his work.

What does a construction manager do

The tasks of a construction manager are different and varied and they can be simplified in 3 main words: PLAN, COORDINATE, MONITOR.

First, they need to plan, which means setting the schedule, costs, deadlines and timing of the project. Then, they need to coordinate the jobsite team, set goals andnegotiate with the owner. During the project process, they need to fully manage work on site, monitoring quality, time and budget. This means, responding to potential nonconformities on time and ensuring safety and legal compliance during all project phases.  

1 Planning phase, setting the cost estimation

The first step of every project is the planning phase. In this step, the construction manager needs to schedule its project, setting deadlines, planning on materials, tools and equipment to be used. At this stage he can also start calculating the total budget he will need for the site, preparing a cost estimation. On the legal side, the construction manager needs to obtain all necessary regulations and permits to operate on the site.

2 Coordinate team work to make sure project can be delivered on time

After the planning phase is completed, he / she needs to assign tasks to his crew, coordinate their works and check on their work progress, responding promptly to any delays it can occur. Beyond making sure projects are aligned with agreed plans, they are also in charge of ensuring people are working according to safety norms and that all material and equipment present on site have all the necessary documentation required by law.

3 Monitor project status, ensure legal compliance

During the construction process, he needs to collect information regarding the project status, detect potential nonconformities and respond quickly to get the project on track. He needs to keep track of the work progress of the site, in order to deliver it on quality, on time and on budget. Beyond, many reports need to be filled in every day, wip, site visit report, the construction manager is the person responsible for this activity that takes at least 1-2 hours per day.

Main responsibilities of a construction manager

He is responsible for:

  • People on site: they must ensure they follow safety guidelines and have all necessary safety equipment
  • Materials on site: they need to make sure all necessary material arrives on time for works to get stared
  • Equipment on site: they must make sure they are available and safety compliant  

How Site Assistant can simplify your work

Site Assistant is a web and mobile app for construction management which can help construction manager save time and streamline work process. Why?

  • It can help save up to 7 hours a week per project since you can fill in reports directly on your device, which automatically then generates a report
  • You can share information with your team anytime anywhere
  • You can monitor the site work progress, since you can track resources, materials and means used for the project.